Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pirate Jessica

Jessica, you are from Portugal, username angel13js, you hang around Mininova, enjoy Twitter at, actively participate in book giveaways that authors hold and are associated with a certain review site, which has been contacted and informed of your activities.

Your IP addy, recently changed, was

According to your Mininova profile, you still illegally download books as of this month.

Your illegal activates did two things: 1-posted your IP address and 2-makes you a criminal.

Based on the above, I am not in violation of privacy invasion, but am withholding the remaining information and sending it to legal authorities.


  1. You might as well out the review site now too because I don't think they care.

    July 26 she requested Linger by Maggie Stiefvater.

    July 27 someone gave it to her.

    July 30 she had the balls to review the book she stole:

    Just one example of many. She actually had the nerve to talk about all the paperbacks she orders from BookDepository and yet here's proof she stole the sequel to a book she previously enjoyed.

    Writers, be warned, if enters one of your contests, she's a proven pirate and leech on the reading community.

  2. I sent them a notice and if there is no response, I'll be contacting several publishers. This is what I posted to the review site:

    I have several reports and solid proof that the reviewer of Linger is also responsible--proof is in her IP Address--for pirating/stealing the book, Linger, and that Linger is a prime example of pirated/stolen books reviewed by this review site.

    If such is the case, the review site will have some explaining to do as well as some apologizing or it will no longer be considered a reputable site and will be banned by every publisher, promotion company and author who will be informed of the illegal activity as well as handed proof of the illegal activity.

    Activity such as this will bring into question all review sites and I am sure your peers will find a way to do much more damage to you that my merely getting you banned by every publisher, promotion company and author.

    It’s pathetic that a reviewer is pirating/stealing books and the review site is allowing such illegal activity.

  3. Anonymous me again...

    Have you seen this?

    This is the chat archive from that site:

    Amara: Guys, you can't be asking for books as though we're the ones giving them to you. That's how we'll get closed down. Technically we (PRA) are not providing them for you. -wink-wink- Do not offer to help
    Amara: answering requests on the blog. If you want to help others out, email them first if they've received our copies, if they haven't email them yours & said person has to post "answered"
    30 Apr 10, 04:48 PM

    Their "rules" page:

    Not only do their reviewers pirate books, but they know full well readers visiting their blog are passing books illegally as well. But, you know, they're pretending they don't. -wink-wink-

    It also sounds like they previously had a similar site where books were openly exchanged and that`s how they got shut down. So instead of learning their lesson, they`re just sneakier now. How classy.