Friday, June 11, 2010

Pirate VampireGirl

Okay, authors and readers, it's time to play 'how many reports can we file'?
A link was brought to my attention and I was beyond flabbergasted.

Please follow this link as this abuser has the audacity to complain that people are filing takedown notices. She's uploaded hundreds of books and needs to be harrased.

Let's start filing reports. :)


  1. Hey, this is VampireGirl. Contrary to your most likely assumptions, I'm not writing to bitch about you giving abuse reports on my stuff. I download books that I enjoy and thought it would be nice to share them with others in one easy to access location. Obviously I was wrong. So instead of getting in this big argument, I'll just stop sharing them. Happy? But fyi, there are those who appreciate what I've been doing, so don't expect me to take the blame if they're upset. So you win, if that's what you want to call it. But maybe instead of starting a blog complaining about other people, you should just keep your opinions to yourself. If you don't like it, no one says you have to pay any attention to it, you know what I mean? I'm just saying.

  2. Congratulations on a win :). Another One Bites The Dust!

  3. I'm gobsmacked. appears to think that her alleged victim is the pirate, and that her activities are honest work.

    "50 Downloads" indeed. How can people be so ignorant of the laws of the land?

    VampireGirl, if you are reading this, check here for an education


  4. Hi, VampireGirl.
    Sharing is nice and no one would ever say a word—if done within the limits of the law.

    If you were to share eBooks like you share paperback books, no one would say a thing or mind because that would mean the single, solitary, lone copy you legally paid for would leave your possession while on loan and the only way you would ever have access to it would be to get it back from the person you loaned it to or buy another copy. When everyone starts treating eBooks like paperback books, in regard to loaning, sharing and copying, then my blog will be something of the past, just like pirating. Until then, my blog will stand as a voice against pirates.

    And, VampireGirl, my blog doesn't complain about people, it unveils those who copy and distribute eBooks without the author's permission. How would you feel in I came into your job and took your paycheck? Or your bank and drained your account? Or your home and took your car? You’d call it theft, shout it to all who could hear and would report it to the law. How is what I’m doing any different?

  5. Hey, YouDoWhyCan'tI,

    Did VampireGirl say that she legally paid for any of the ebooks that she was sharing in violation of the authors' copyright?

    When she wrote I download books that I enjoy and thought it would be nice to share them with others does she mean "Upload" or "Download", do you think?

    Do you think VampireGirl believes that she has downloaded books that are in the public domain?

    Does she seriously believe that she is the "copyright owner"?

    VampireGirl should read the TOS

    Copyright protection

    4shared has always been strongly against copyright infringement. You can distribute, display and share original works only if you are a copyright owner of holder. Uploading a file to 4shared you agree that it no way violates copyright law otherwise you may bear public, civil or criminal responsibility.

    Kudos to 4shared for that!

    Does VampireGirl understand what "public, civil or criminal responsibility" could me for her?

    If charges were pressed, and she were convicted, she could be fined a statutory fine of $30,000 for each book that she downloaded (or uploaded) assuming she could convince a jury that she had no idea that the books she shared were in copyright.

    $30,000 x 50 is $1,500,000 which is a potentially heavy price for being popular with a few appreciative strangers online.

    Looked at like that, she's lucky to have met you!

  6. BTW, VampireGirl, the --quote--If you don't like it, no one says you have to pay any attention to it, you know what I mean? --end quote-- means that if I don't like something I should just ignore it.

    Interesting concept and not a very smart philosophy if you ask me. And you did ask with the know-what-I-mean part.

    See, I’m not the type to ignore wrongdoing. If I see a parent beating their bleeding child, I will not ignore it. If I see someone stealing a neighbor's car, I will not ignore it.

    And for your sake, I do hope that if one of your neighbors sees your house getting broke into or on fire, that the neighbor doesn’t ignore it in the same way you are asking me to ignore your illegal distribution of what could—note the word could because I wonder if those eBooks you are sharing were property you even paid for—be stolen property.

  7. Drats, the link didnt work for me at: It just displayed and nothing else. I cant see Vampire girl anywhere. It said the full link wasn't valid. Maybe I made a boo boo. Oh well, keep up the good work folks!