Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pirate starbreeze/kitiaraSkie

This pirate is a chronic spammer.

Your name on Underground Forum is starbreeze and
your name on Astatalk is kitiaraSkie. Why two names?

Because you were banned on Underground. For months, your IP was That IP addy gave the following free and public information: Lat 41.6675, Long -72.786 in the vicinity of Hartford County, New Brittan, Connecticut 06050, area code 860, via DSL, ISP of AT&T, domain of SBC Global.net.

Then your IP was when you re-entered Underground. That IP addy gave the following free and public information: Lat 41.6675, Long -72.786 in the vicinity of Hartford County, New Brittan, Connecticut, area code 860, via DSL, ISP of AT&T, domain of SNet.net.

The past couple of weeks, your IP has been That IP addy gave the following free and public information: Lat 41.6741, Long -72.8573 in the vicinity of Hartford County, Plainville, Connecticut, 06062, area code 860, DSL, ISP of AT&T, domain of SNet.net.

Does the intersection of East Main Street and Kneal Ct ring a bell? Nice public library. Do you want me to reveal more? Maybe your marital status? Do the other members in that house know what you’re doing can jeopardize everything?

And if you pull the I’m a teenager, what can they do to me gig, the homeowners/parents can be sued in your place and some lawsuits can be postponed until you are of age.

And before anyone gripes, this is information the IP user gave when commenting the illegal activity called pirating so don’t say I posted her private info because starbreeze/kitiaraSkie herself gave those IPs

She pirates Jordan Castillo Price, DJ Manly & and Carol Lynne among others—104 posts in one day—and there were nineteen more titles when I pulled this information. She’s hits many other authors, too.

She pirated the anthology Stealing My Heart a few days ago in the same manner. The multi-upload links are multiple listings and she uses 4shared to post on Underground using the name starbreeze yet the 4shared file owner is kitiaraSkie.


  1. And she has a lot of authors very angry. She may have to get a real job to pay up before this is over with.

  2. She also pirated the following authors:

    A.J. Llewellyn, Evangeline Anderson, Belinda McBride, G. A. Hauser, Stormy Glenn, Michael Barnette, Vivien Dean, J. L. Farnsworth, Megan Ziese, Bethany Brown, Ashlyn Kane, Cheryl Brooks, Eden Bradley, Claire Thomson, Madison Scott, Sean Kennedy, P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast, Shilo Walker, Mandy Roth, Stephani Hecht, Katica Locke, Kirby Crow, Lena Austin.

  3. And she obviously doesn't care. She's back to uploading books like crazy today.

  4. Some people totally have no shame... GAH!

  5. She might not know she has been outted.
    She's too busy reupping files to realize.
    I get to spend my day reporting her and compiling evidence.

  6. Starbreeze update

    IP Address
    Host 66-159-176-242.adsl.snet.net
    Location US, United States
    City Middlefield, CT 06455
    Organization SBC Internet Services
    ISP SBC Internet Services
    AS Number AS7132
    Latitude 41°51'83" North
    Longitude 72°71'30" West

    New IP Address
    New City Andover, CT

  7. Oh, starbreeze/kitiaraSkie,

    recognize this?

    IP address

  8. And yet she is still uploading away. You clearly have made no impression on her.

  9. I may not, but the AG of Connecticut will.

  10. I might have some incorrect information and a friend asked if I was sure about that IP and then offered me this. To my friend, thank you ever so much as your help is greatly appreciated..

    I show that as starbreeze's previous before last IP. Do you think this is starbreeze? Where did that IP come from? Here's my starbreeze/kitiaraSkie list :
    ISP all sbc global
    KitiaraSkie - - New Britain, CT
    KatiaraSkie - - New Britain, CT starbreeze on underground
    KatiaraSkie - - Plainville, CT
    starbreeze - - Wethersfield, CT
    —end quote—

  11. Known pirate: goes by the name of isdelafbaf on Astatalk and Underground (and tehparadox, I believe). Plunder account with some of her uploads: http://www.plunder.com/isdelafbaf/

    Email: isdelafbaf@msn.com

    Real name: Stephanie K Lee

    From: Malaysia

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/isdelafbaf
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1686486028

    Relatively certain she works here: http://www.carbon-online.org/ and is the Stephanie listed on the "About" page.

  12. KitiaraSkie,
    does look familiar?

  13. marked and noted. pity the people whose lives you've just exposed to all... may god have mercy on your bitter souls

  14. "I may not, but the AG of Connecticut will."

    So, how's that working out for you? I know her well, and she has not heard a peep out of law enforcement and is still sharing. You might scare a newbie or two, but experienced sharers see you as nothing more than an annoying gnat.

  15. You’re not too familiar with the way this process works, are you? Do you honestly think they’re going make contact before they have all the evidence they want? No. The trick to walking into a courtroom and winning is having irrefutable evidence and more than the defendant can contend with. When it goes to court and with how much is for the AG to decide, not me. Once I turn my findings over to that office, it’s in their hands. I do not track what the AG does, but I will let them know of your concern.