Monday, June 28, 2010

Pirate intelligence - a sign of the times

When the kettle calls the pot black without having all the facts and realizing the pot is actually stainless steel, the kettle looks rather lacking in something.

Dumb is when a thief questions the morals, ethics and actions of someone else while their hand is in the cookie jar.

Honestly, it’s just plain stupid to commit an illegal act while pointing at others.

Below is a link to a conversation where one thief questions three eBook covers and the artists involved while another thief even questions the ethics and motives of the cover artist/s.

Granted a few of the pirates tell the two who failed to research the probability of where artists get cover images, aka the facts, but that doesn’t make the conversation intelligent material.

Come on, pirates, thieves, whatever you want to call yourselves—it’s all the same—if you’re going to illegally upload and distribute copyright protected material without the owner’s permission, the last thing you should be doing is questioning anything another does.

The use of stock images is not only legal, but accepted. The fact some images are duplicated just happens because unlike you, who sit on your backside illegally distributing others’ copyright protected work without permission, contracted artists are not only within the limits of the law, but they don’t have time to track down the use of every picture. At least the artists are paying the cover models for the use of the photos. That’s more than I can say for you thieves who distribute copyright protected work without the owner’s permission.

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  1. Including, apparently, the very images that they are discussing.

    Cover art isn't public domain. Astatalk may not host files containing ebooks, but it most certainly does host images that have been snagged and reproduced and published without permission.

    As this link demonstrates.